Certified Financial Technician (CFTe)

As Developing Members for International Federation of Technical Analysis (IFTA), MATA proudly announcing further collaboration with IFTA by offering IFTA Prestigious Technical Analysis Certification program, Chartered Financial Technician (CFTe) through us. Fellow Technical Analysis practitioner in Malaysia now can undertake CFTe program to increase their knowledge, profile and professionalism by becoming certified chartist.

Program Details:
Examination only, Level 1 & Level 2.

Active MATA Members
RM100 per annum, RM50 registration

Examination Cost
CFTe I $500 USD*
CFTe II $800 USD**

* Online at Examination Center ** CFTe II Examination Centre and admin cost, additional: RM600

Estimated Total Cost: RM5,950 (Based on USD Currency Exchange of $1=RM4.00)
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MSTA Diploma in Technical Analysis by United Kingdom Society of Technical Analysts (UK-STA)

MATA collaborate with Persatuan Remisier Bumiputra (PRIBUMI) to run annual courses for both financial industry professional and public to acquire the Prestigious Diploma in Technical Analysis with consent from United Kingdom Society of Technical Analysts (UK STA). An annual course so far has produced at least 93 Fully Certified Chartist in Malaysia since 2011 with participation from both industry specialist and public. Under UK STA jurisdiction and guidelines, we hold two-level exam course in order to recognize as Certified Chartist. Students who participate will require attending 22-weeks weekend tutorials assisted by qualified Full UK STA Members teaching various Technical theory as well as complex chart analysis. Each topics and subject are strictly follow both UKSTA and IFTA curriculum in order to prep the student mastering various theory and encourage them to become more in-depth chart analysts based on latest development in technical analysis.

Program Details:
22-days class
2 level examination
Total Cost: RM18,000.00

MATA Technical Analysis Program for beginner

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