About Us
The Malaysian Association of Technical Analysts (MATA) is a non-for-profit association that has the primary aim of promoting the correct use of technical analysis. Membership consists of both professional technical analysts and private individuals who use technical analysis to assist with decisions related to trading and investing in the financial markets. The focus of the Association is the provision of education to enable members to be more effective traders and investors.
Dr. Nazri Khan started to collaborated with Pribumi and BDREF in 2006 to held a MSTA program outside London as flood of fellow professionals attending the courses. 8 years afterward, the number of certified increased drastically thus made it possible to established an association in Malaysia. The work has started on 2013 before MATA successfully registered as legal society on February 2014. Now with 92 professional members and more than 230 members, MATA seek to expend it network among public in Malaysia.
Our main mission is to spark the technical analysis practice beyond professional in the industries as we seek a deeper nuance with public particularly new investors who seek to invest and trade in the stock market. As certified chartist, we uphold the right etiquette in practicing technical analysis without forgo an aspect of risk thus raising the investors standard and knowledge.